To most people, “technology” refers to modern gadgets. However, the word actually has a much broader meaning: it refers to the practical application of knowledge. The link between life and technology can be traced all the way back to the fire and wheels of the first primitive tool-users!

Today, though, life is certainly far more complicated than that of our cave-dwelling ancestors. We talk about returning to a simple life without the constant barrage of signal and noise from computers and other intrusive machines, but would we really want to?

Think about it. Would you like to take a long road trip without your cell phone? How about finding something to watch on those three (black and white) TV channels? Would you trust your children’s health to decades-old medical textbooks, or would you rather your doctor stay up-to-date with the latest information, equipment, and medicine?

Technology is supposed to make life better, more rewarding, and, yes, simpler. When we feel that things are getting too complicated, we mustn’t blame technology, but our own attitudes toward it. Let’s learn to take control of our tendencies to obsess over things that are supposed to be serving our needs rather than dictating them.
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